We are a media production company specialising in eco stories

We offer comprehensive video and other media production services to organisations, charities and individuals seeking to translate complex people, natural and scientific stories into emotional responses in their audiences. Our productions are distinguished by their originality, whether it’s shorter videos for social media or a longer documentary.


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Jonas Paurell

Meet the Team

Our team consist of a tight group of creative people from different parts of the world joined together by a mission to bring important stories to the public.

Melody Sky
Creative Director
Jonathan Boothby
Director of Photography

We work closely with our clients and project stakeholders to understand communication requirements and project mission to translate this into beautiful and engaging visual storytelling. The output includes e.g. storyboard, screenplay, budget and logistical plans to enable efficient and timely project delivery with measurable impact.

What We Do

We are a full service video and other media production company. We create full-length documentaries, short social media videos, images and accompanying publications for print.


Our impact oriented productions are honest to do the stories we capture justice. We employ high ethical and environmental awareness to not disturb the often fragile surroundings that we film and shoot in. 


Our post-production is done in-house by our core team and a group of closely vetted experienced video editors to enable timely quality delivery.

Terra Echo

Impact through emotions