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Jonas Paurell

Jonas is a photographer, filmmaker, strategist and UIMLA International Mountain Leader.

He grew up in between a great forest and the vast sea in Sweden. At 13, he produced a series of still life pictures of a squashed banana, and knew that he had found his passion in the pursuit of creative expressions and storytelling.


Jonas transitioned into a full-time career in storytelling in 2016 from almost two decades working as a lawyer, strategist and enterprise development specialist. He spent four years as a programme manager for the UN in Africa working on regulatory development and human rights, and over 10 years building strategy for socially responsible commercial projects in Africa. Jonas was a board member for several NGOs working to promote sustainable businesses and children's rights. He also spent five years working as a mentor in strategic management for Nottingham University Ningbo MBA programme.

Jonas mixes his knowledge and experience in strategy and process optimisation (which is as much about storytelling as it is about processes) and his creative mindset to produce documentaries and still images. 


Jonas also runs Terra Photography Expedition, which is a global expedition provider.  

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Melody Sky

Melody Sky is a photographer and film-maker based in Verbier in the Swiss Alps. Capturing nature at its most spectacular and athletes at their limits she help brands communicate with their market, and help people to find inspiration in the great outdoors and our incredible planet.


Originally from Scotland, her interest in photography began there at age 4 inspired by her mum who was constantly taking photos and her creative streak began to rub off. They moved to Cornwall in the south west of England where they spent a lot of time at the beach as her dad was passionate about surfing and took the family exploring and her mum continued to shoot photos of their adventures. It was in Cornwall that she took her first surf photo and the journey began down a road towards adventure and travel.


After briefly studying art following school, Melody travelled oversees and began work as and underwater photographer in warm climates. She spent a few years doing this before randomly ending up in Tignes in the French Alps. Inspired by Luc Besson’s film ‘The Big Blue’ she began work as an ice diver in the lake in Tignes where they filmed the ice diving scene. This quickly led me to skiing and eventually making ski movies. She made the decision to complete a university degree in film and sport in London and Melbourne to further her career. Following graduation she became the first female in Europe (and even in the world) to have her ski filming broadcast globally and to be shown on a cinema screen.


Today Melody continues to work in action sports, adventure travel and filming and photography in ocean and mountain environments, travelling the world capturing inspirational moments of our incredible planet. 

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Jonathan Boothby

Jonathan is a independent videographer and filmmaker with almost a decade of experience working for production companies like Groundbreak Productions, New Wave, Whitenoise and ROTO. His clients include BMW, Mini, the LadBible and Aldi.


He is also active in the nature and adventure space in the UK with pro bono passion projects.